I did it.

too tired to come up with a joke right now.

I completed my first exercise in fcc on 15 December 2015 with the intention of completing the front end development certificate, and ticked it off on 25 June 2018. Probably took a little longer than expected but slow and steady wins the race right?

Honestly I’m not exactly sure what to feel right now, if i had to take a stab at it, my feelings could be described as 50% elation, 50% pride and 50% exhaustion (hey Ive been studying coding for the last 3 years not maths). This has been a journey that has really tried and tested me, there have been multiple times that Ive wanted to walk away, multiple times that Ive yelled hard at my laptop and multiple times that Ive just felt empty.

Its hard doing this course or any course when you work full time, you have commitments that you need to keep on top of, along with coding, I have to find time to practice drums, study Japanese, keep on top of my eBay side business and give my girlfriend enough attention so she doesn’t dump my ungrateful butt. Ive probably stretched myself a little thin from all this but I think im happiest when Im busy and not just sitting around watching some crappy show on netflix.

I found the best way to get through to the end was to set a routine up for myself, each morning I get up at 5.30, stretch, have a cold shower, walk my dog with my partner and then sit down for 40 mins and plug away at whatever problem I am working on at the time. Once you find that routine then it becomes hard to find excuses for yourself to not keep going, it may even feel wrong if you decide to skip a day!

Im not sure whats next, my original hope was for employment but Im not really sure how realistic that is. I might move on to the next certificate and keep pushing for the last 3 certificates, this wasnt my initial intention, but Im halfway up the mountain so Im might as well keep going. I might also try to come up with my own react projects or convert my older projects from the original course into the react format, this seems to be the big thing at the moment so it couldn’t hurt to get even better at it, but for the life of me i cant think of an something to create right now.


I did it, im proud of myself and now its time to enjoy that.


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