Fi Fi Foe Fum, Tic Tac Toe Makes You Feel Mighty Dumb

See the Pen Tic Tac Toe by Luke (@escrew7) on CodePen.0

Well I finally did it, this project was probably the hardest that I have faced so far, getting your head around the challenge and the idea of AI was super stressful and actually made me walk away from freeCodeCamp for quite a while, if anything I would suggest that people tackle Simon before taking this bad boy on (although now with the new update to FCC that isn’t even necessary).

I will say that this is a very basic AI version of the project using a random number generator to calculate the computers next move, I couldn’t seem to get my head around the MinMax algorithm that everyone is talking about on the forum and I really just wanted to get some runs on the board, so if you are up for a challenge, my game isnt it. Hopefully somewhere down the line I can come back to it and make it a little tougher than playing against your 3 year old sister.

I have returned to using jQuery as I find it a little easier than having to write plain javascript which can sometimes get a bit messy and easy to get lost when looking through code previously written.

As for advice regards the project I would say just start from the ground up, make a simple two player version first so you can get your head around the project and from there you can start working on creating an AI to play against. This is a real challenge and its easy to get stressed out but if you work slow and look for advice around the place you can build yourself a decent little program.

All the best.