Where Am I?

Mental note: never piss off Tiger’s ex

Ok its been a while… a long while in fact, but blogging is hard!

I also ran into a brick wall with free code camp right at one of the final hurdles with tic tac toe, the idea of programming an AI algorithm really spooked me and caused my anxiety to shoot for the moon.

So I took a little time off the site to take a couple of Udemy courses, Andrew Mead’s Complete React Web Developer Course, Complete NodeJS Developer Course and Stephen Grider’s Javascript ES6: The Compete Developers Guide.

All three were fantastic albeit very extensive (both of Andrew Mead’s courses were around 36 hours of video a piece) and really cheap at AU$13 each, so for a small investment I got to really dig into Node and React whilst getting a quick update on the Javascript update ES6.

ES6 is really interesting and I would either recommend this or Andrew Mead’s new course on JS. You will find some new things on there that can be pretty helpful and some stuff I have aalready started implementing! It can also be really helpful when looking at Codewars as solutions people give on there are generally chokkers with ES6 and might cause confusion if you dont have a decent base of knowledge.

As for when I will actually start using react and node, Im not sure… its definitely something that I need to follow up as it is fast becoming an important tool with developers and as the saying goes “use it or lose it”, I know that if i havent done anything with react in 3 months time, all the work I did will become gobbledegook.

So after about 4 months of slogging through these I came out a little refreshed and ready to take another look at the tic tac toe excersise, which I have finally managed to complete and will blog about soon hopefully.

Thats it for now!