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The user manual didn’t inspire confidence

So after spending the larger part of the last 3 weeks putting together the code for my latest fCC project I finally have it performing to a standard that could be classified as “functioning”. But there still remains a problem, it looks like a dog’s breakfast. Picasso would have had more luck understanding the functionality of my project than any normal end user would.

When I first started free Code Camp I would generally by this point be so over the project that I would just tick it off and move on to the next. These days I have come to realise that having a Ferrari engine can be sexy as hell, but if its under the hood of a Toyota Yaris, people probably aren’t going to take much notice.

I want my work to look as good as I feel about it, I know just how much effort went into it and I want people who see that. Simply spending a little bit of time thinking about the design of your project and coming up with some concepts of how you would like it to look can go a long way.

Usually I use Adobe Illustrator to create these concepts (as can be seen below), but there are a heap of decent free programs out there that can be used just as easily, baring that, a pencil and a piece of paper is your best friend. I usually try and create different ideas for desktop, tablet and mobile and then try and implement them using basic media queries.

When you spend so much time and effort on building and creating a project on free Code Camp, its worth spending just a little bit more on making it look as good as it performs.


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