Code Wars!!

I will fight anyone who calls this movie stupid.

I recently came across this site whilst looking for more opportunities to practise javascript problems. Ive found that this site is great for pushing you to the peak of your abilities and really helps you improve your coding as it shows you the top solutions after you have solved the problem.

I warn you though, it can get pretty tough and sometimes they arent looking for just a javascript solution.

Get ready to dust off your old math books.

Blogging Purgatory

this episode got a bit too real when Charlie Brown had to drink his own piss to survive.

So yeah it turns out that in the process of juggling a full time job, studying web development and giving my gf enough attention so she doesn’t leave my ungrateful ass, finding that spare 5 minutes to blog about my progress can be surprisingly hard!

Im thinking about maybe changing the format of this blog to give more micro updates, not in the twitter size, but maybe more talk about experiences and such rather than talking about actual javascript or web design elements. Ive just finished building the fcc pomodoro project so ill chuck that up soon with a few comments about what i was trying to do.

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward”. – Victor Kiam

So guess Im killing it?