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See the Pen Free Code Camp Weather App by Luke (@escrew7) on CodePen.

This is my version of the Free Code Camp Weather App written up on Codepen. I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out. A couple of things I am particularly stoked about are the toggle on the degrees <div> where you can click to change from Farenheight to Celsius; and the minimal design of the app, which I think is suited to its purpose.

Free Code Camp along with Khan Academy have, to me, been two of the better free web development learning platforms. Both boast strong challenges along with great support networks for when you run into coding problems. Free Code Camp has really pushed me to my limits with JavaScript and on more than one occasion I’ve stormed off complaining about how the site is cheating me, only to realise that I’ve spelt “function” wrong.

One feature I’ve really enjoyed about Free Code Camp is that you can enter into a “contract” with the Camp, where each month you donate a sum of money to a choice of charities until you finish your selected certificate. It’s really rewarding knowing that you are achieving your goals of learning code whilst also giving others less fortunate a leg up in achieving their own dreams. I decided to donate monthly to the http://www.blackgirlscode.com/ school and have been 9 months.

freeCodeCamp is no walk in the park by any means, but if you really push yourself, the rewards that come from completing algorithms and projects is legit.


Give it a shot.

2 thoughts on “I Built This!

  1. dude, are you from Italy?
    I stumbled on your blog while looking for some freecodecamp related stuff and noticed your weather-app set on “vado ligure”? I am from Liguria and it would be cool to get to know someone from around here who’s on the same learning journey. If you feel like it get in touch…

    • hey buddy!

      haha sorry to say but im from australia, the weather app is set to pick up where you are from via gps so thats probably why it says italy on your screen.

      happy to have a chat with you about freeCodeCamp anyway if youd like, just let me know.


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