Et Tu Grande?

Et Tu Grande?

So I’ve just finished creating a business site for a client and it has been a serious lesson in:

  1. Not taking criticism to heart; and
  2. Acknowledging that your own vision for a project may not match your clients.

After proudly showing the site off, there seemed to be quite a few questions of why I put certain things in places and why certain functions were needed. I believe I may have taken somewhat personally as I then proceeded to spend the next couple of hours brooding over a tub of café grande.

To be honest though, the criticism wasn’t actually that bad, in fact a lot of it was probably rather warranted. After looking over the site, comparing it to a number of others and skimming through a couple of design books, I realised that I needed to get back to the drawing board.

The revised site now looks and performs 100% better and my client is much happier.

The problem was not that the customer had decided to point out a couple of flaws; it was that I had invested so much of myself into the site that any small criticism felt like a stab in the back. If I want to reach the goal of actually turning this hobby into to any sort of career, that is not a position to put myself in.

What I now understand (and didn’t back then) was that I wasn’t just creating a piece of art for myself. I was solving a client’s problem by designing a web page to promote their business.

If they aren’t satisfied with the outcome, then I definitely can’t be.


Side Note:  whilst a litre tub of café grande may be great for the soul, your stomach may have a couple of counterpoints on the subject.

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